Florida Redtails
by Kevin

Since acquiring Florida Redtails Kevin has added Peruvian Redtail boas to the collection.  Peruvians have always been one of Kevin's favorite True Redtails.  Kevin is very selective in choosing only the highest caliber of Peruvian boas.  Kevin’s collection of Peruvian redtail boas consist of Pucallpa, Blast, Rio Bravo, Lemke and Wild Caught bloodlines.  Kevin's Peruvians have big red tails, ink black saddles and extreme yellow coloring.  Kevin's collection includes both thin saddled and aberrant saddle Peruvians. Pictured below are a number of Peruvian redtail boas that Kevin has acquired or produced.
Currently expecting Peruvians in 2016 from Pucallpa, Blast and Rio Bravo bloodlines!!!
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