Florida Redtails
by Kevin
Buyer agrees to the following TOS when purchasing an animal from Florida Redtails.

You must be 18+ years of age to enter into a sale with us; NO EXCEPTIOINS. Terms of Service

Buyer Terms:

Buyer is responsible for all shipping and processing fees which vary based on method of payment, zip code, and method by which the animals will be shipped to you.  We guarantee our CB animals health and mite free. All payment plans deposits are non-refundable.


We ship Federal Express Priority Overnight. Actual shipping rates are quoted by request, shipping can run anywhere from $45-175 depending on weight and destination. We now ship Internationally starting at $1000. There are no extra box charges, heat/cool pack charges, or minimum order amounts required. You can be assured that your reptile will be shipped professionally and safely.
  • Animals will not be shipped without prior notification. You must be home to sign for your package and receive your boa.
  • We do not ship boas in shed or with full bellies.
  • Shipping information will be sent as soon as it is verified via FedEx.
  • Shipping will be done on Monday, Tuesday and on rare occasions Wednesday.
  • We use boxes lined with Styrofoam for insulation
  • No animal will be shipped if the weather here, at the central HUB or the destination is below 45 degrees or above 95 degrees. It is too risky for the safety of the animal.
  • We will not be bullied or pressured into sending animals when weather conditions are not optimal.
  • Delay in shipping windows caused by weather is not grounds for a refund under any circumstances
  • If the animal is DOA (Dead On Arrival) for a non-carrier reasons, call Florida Redtails immediately.  Please take full bodied photos of animal upright and on its back then place the animal in a ziplock bag and place it in the refrigerator. Must keep available for up to 120 days.
Live Arrival Guarantee Insurance Available 

We offer LAG insurance at additional cost of $2.60 per $100 value.  Insurance will pay the amount you pay to insure your animal for if it arrives late and is DOA (Dead on Arrival).  We do not cover the cost of the insured amount if the animal arrives on time and is DOA.  All animals will be properly packaged and shipped to assure live arrival.  We cover up to 3,000 plus shipping. We will pay the claim if the animal arrives late, is DOA and it is a FedEx Approved Service Failure.  FedEx approved service delays are delays due to volume, missorts, mechanical failures and lost packages.  Our insurance policy does not cover DOAs if shipment is delayed by FedEx National Service Disruption.  Package must be accepted on first delivery attempt and a claim must be filed within 1 hour of receipt, and digital photographic proof must be provided of deceased animal.  Animal must be kept frozen and available for up to 120 days and made available upon request.  No live arrival guarantee exists without the purchasing of this LAG Insurance-No exceptions


Florida Redtails accepts personal checks, Postal Money Orders, Walmart to Walmart Money transfers, Google Wallet and PayPal (Friends and Family ONLY) payments. Note: No animal will be shipped without cleared payments.  This goes for checks, money orders, transfers, and credit cards. Any returned check will be assessed a $50 NSF Fee.

Refunds: ALL SALES ARE FINAL-NO CASH REFUNDS. (Refunds will be issued in the form of store credit, or replacement animals. Refunds are based solely at our discretion.)


A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to hold any reptile(s). Full payment is expected within two weeks of initial deposit for purchases under $500 unless other arrangements are made. Balances of $500 or more are required to be paid within 30 days of purchase agreement. Additional time can be arranged on a case by case basis.

General Notes of Shipping Receipt:

  • Your boa may arrive cool to the touch, this is okay; it is much safer to ship a boa in such a manner it arrives cooler rather than warmer as warming up a cold-blooded animal is infinitely easier than cooling one down.
  • Please allow your animal an hour or more to warm up at room temperature upon receipt before placing them in their new enclosure.
  • Please give your boa time to settle in from its trip and do not attempt to feed prior to it spending at least a week within your care; if you feed your boa before allowing it at least a week to acclimate and it regurgitates, our health guarantees are null and void.
  • Please do not excessively handle your boa for at least a period of one week for the same reasons. Also, excessively handling can unintentionally create a defensive animal if it is not given enough time to accept its new environment.
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