Florida Redtails
by Kevin
       In 1997, Zoo Botanica of Miami, Florida, imported a litter of juvenile boas c. constrictors from Suriname.  Brian Abrahamson acquired one male from this litter from Peter Bandre of Incredible Pets.  Brian paired this male with a large imported female, producing 16 babies that founded the FloridaRedtails bloodline. Brian continued to work with these animals, producing numerous litters of hardy babies year after year.  
Since Kevin has acquired Florida Redtails and its collection he has added Peruvian boas to the true redtail collection.  He will continue the founding line of redtail boas, refining and improving the features that have made these boas famous throughout the world. Over the years Kevin has  worked diligently acquiring the best bloodlines from across the country in order to selectively breed and produce the best True Redtail boas in the United States and the world.

       Please click the links above to browse our website and view pictures from Kevin’s Surinames, Guyanas, Peruvians and Northern Brazilians.  We welcome contact and interested hobbyists of all levels.
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